Stanley H. Pierce

Does MPHS have photographs: No

Address in Mount Prospect: 716 S. Emerson

Birth Date: Circa 1892

Death Date: December 25, 1959

Date: Unknown

Spouse: Stanley Pierce was a Widower

Children: No

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments

Stanley Pierce was described by his neighbors as a nice man, who kept to himself and did not seem to have many close friends. He drove a sports car but tended to wear old clothes and did not seem to have a lot of money. Pierce died on Christmas Day in 1959 and from then on all of his neighbor’s assumptions were turned on their heads. Pierce died with $1200 in his pocket, which in 1959 would have bought a car. Later, a representative from Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust was going through his belongings and found the combination to a safe. Inside the safe was a treasure map that gave the location of over 6,000 $20 double eagle gold pieces in three separate stashes under small fruit trees in his back yard. The gold that was recovered had a face value of $120,000 but may have been worth over $250,000. The collection was said to have weighed over 400 pounds. It was also learned that Pierce had worked as an investment banker and had left his Alma Mata, the University of Chicago, one million dollars in his will.


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