Saint Paul Lutheran Church

When was it founded: 1913

Where is it located: 100 South School Street

Has it moved: Yes

Notable Members: Many 20TH century leaders and members of the Busse family

First Pastor or Priest: J. E. A. Mueller

History and interesting stories about the church:

On July 7, 1912, various members of the Mount Prospect community assembled to sign a charter for the creation of a Lutheran church, specifically Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Mount Prospect. Nine months after the historic signing, in March 1913, the first church building was dedicated; however, it was not until the following January that Reverend J. E. A. Mueller became the church’s first resident pastor. A mere eight days following his installment, Reverend Mueller organized and taught at the Saint Paul Lutheran School. He continued to be the sole teacher until 1917 when the school hired its first full-time instructor, Martin Hasz.

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