Moehling General Store

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address: 3 E. Northwest Highway

Is building standing: Yes, but now on Pine Street

What is at site: Condos

When was business founded: 1882

Is business still operating: No

Who owned business: John Conrad Moehling

Interesting stories, facts, history:

John C. Moehling owned the first general store in Mount Prospect. It was a small store located at the corner of Main Street and Northwest Highway. The store was originally started by Cook County Commissioner Christian Geils, who did not enjoy the store. In 1882 Moehling bought it from him. He found that he enjoyed being a store keeper and he soon became an major part of the community. He began selling farm tools, coal, seed, feed, groceries, shoes, etc. and built a warehouse along a side track to help bring in and ship out materials.

John C. Moehling was one of Mount Prospect’s biggest promoters. Throughout his career he worked hard to improve Mount Prospect and bring in new services and businesses. He persuaded John Meyn to move to Mount Prospect and start a blacksmith shop. Moehling also convinced the Chicago Northwestern Railroad to build a new Depot in Mount Prospect and was appointed the first depot agent, a position he held from 1887 until 1902. Moehling was also appointed the first Postmaster of Mount Prospect on December 31, 1885 and based the local post office in his store. He served as Postmaster for twelve years or until 1897. According to legend, Moehling was also the person who brought dairy cows to Mount Prospect. Seeing that the area was appropriate for milk cows, he went off in search of the best breed and eventually brought them back, kicking off Mount Prospect’s role as a major dairy center.


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