Milburn Brother’s Paving

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address: Central Road

When was business founded: Founded 1911, incorporated 1929

Who owned business: Otto and Oscar Milburn

Interesting stories, facts, history:

The main point of interest in the Milburn Brother’s Paving Company is that they paved the first stretch of road in Mount Prospect and what this symbolizes. In the 1920s, as the idea of a luxury suburb was beginning to develop in the minds of America, prominent developers in the Mount Prospect area, such as Axel Lonnquist, began paving roads. This signified a very different relationship with nature, landscape and transportation. It also signified a much more common ownership of cars. This radically changed Mount Prospect, Chicago and America. Keeping pace with the changes that were going on around, William Busse brought in the Milburn Brothers to start paving parts of Mount Prospect. This shows Mount Prospect’s adoption of Lonnquist’s concept and a different type of municipal government. William Busse, twenty years earlier, had convinced John Biermann to move to Mount Prospect and act as a the towns teamster, keeping the roads level and graded. John Biermann became a part of the community and eventually his son married William Busse’s daughter in William Busse’s parlor. The Milburn Brothers, on the other hand were treated as professional associates and were never considered anything else or expected to be anything else. They are symbolic of the shift from a small town to a suburban community. They later went on to pave part of O’Hare International.


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