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H. Roy Berry Company was one of the largest developers in Mount Prospect. The Chicago based company was responsible for some of the largest developments in Mount Prospect. In 1924 H. Roy Berry Company purchased the 74 acre Burke farm, which was subdivided and named Colonial Manor. The company also purchased the 164 acre Russel farm and the 83 acre Katz farm that was subdivided into Castle Heights. The company generally did not build houses in the community. They subdivided the land, platted the streets, installed the basic utilities and then sold the property. Some of the homes in these subdivisions were built by the individual home owners and others were constructed by other developers who purchased blocks of home sites and built homes on them for sale to the public. One of the most important things that H. Roy Berry Company did for Mount Prospect was the construction of the first sewer mains in the village. These were put into the Colonial Manor Subdivision and soon after Mount Prospect took out a contract to build the sewer and water lines for the rest of the village. The H. Roy Berry Company worked extensively with the village leaders in a number of different civic improvements. In the September, 1927 issue of Real Estate News H. Roy Berry, the president of H. Roy Berry Company, is quoted as saying:

“Another thing which drew us to Mount Prospect was the co-operation which we received from the officials of this suburb. They are progressive and active and are quite willing to co-operate with us in everything that will help not only our properties but the village as a whole. We have had no trouble in Mount Prospect in securing sewer and water improvements as well as street paving. Mount Prospect, by the way, has the right to point with pride to the splendid paving they are installing. Instead of using all different forms of non descript paving material they have adopted concrete as the one and only material to be used on every street in this suburb.”

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