Baldini’s Barber Shop

Does MPHS have photographs:  Yes

Address:  Originally 30 Busse, moved to 2 Pine

Is building standing: Yes

What is at site: Original site is a hair salon

When was business founded:  Circa 1924

Is business still operating: No

Who owned business: Lou Baldini

Interesting stories, facts, history:

In 1922 Adolph Wille, the owner and operator of Wille’s Tavern, was granted the first barber’s license in Mount Prospect. He put a barber’s chair in a small back room of the tavern and began offering hair cuts. Soon after he found that the business was doing well and needed more space, so he built a small shop next to the saloon and brought in a professional barber, Lou Baldini. Soon Baldini was an institution in town. He was in business into the 1960s and saw many changes in hair styles in his time.

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