The Historical Society’s Garden Restoration Committee was formed in 1988 to recreate the museum grounds. Members of Mount Prospect’s Garden Club, Historical Society, Village Park District, along with a landscape architect, plant nurseries, and interested citizens, helped plan a garden that resembled one from the 1917 era. This year was chosen, because it is the year of the Village’s incorporation, and the Dietrich Friedrich House Museum is restored to reflect life during that time. Bessie Friedrich Barnes shared her memories of the trees, shrubs, and flowers that were in the yard when she was growing up in the house. The committee also did extensive research on the gardens and plants of that era. After four years of planning, then countless hours of weeding, planting, and watering of our artifacts, the dedication for the garden was held on September 12, 1992.

A Sensory Garden ,dedicated in the fall of 1993, was created to give the visually impaired an opportunity to learn of botanic history through taste, smell, and touch. Visitors can also read about the plants on the Braille plaques placed in this garden.

Francis Bacon wrote, “the garden is the purest of all human pleasures.” Enjoy your time in our garden. It has the power to stimulate the senses with its vibrant colors and smells, while stimulating the mind as it illustrates an aspect of the Post-Victorian era.


  1. Linnea Lahlum :

    Where is this garden located?

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