St. Paul Lutheran Church

Built: 1913

What is currently at that address: School Yard

As the German immigrant community developed into the community of Mount Prospect, one of the early important developments was the founding of Saint Paul Lutheran Church. The founding of this church signified a shift from the exclusive community centered on the farms to a more outward looking town focused on the train station and connections to other communities. The charter for Saint Paul was signed in 1912 and this building was dedicated in 1913. This was one of the most beautiful churches ever built in Mount Prospect and was a truly classic design. With the growing population, Saint Paul needed to expand. Rather than expand the existing church, they built a new one and, perhaps more tragically, rather than finding an alternate use for the building, such as renting to a smaller church group, using as offices or converting to a residence, it was demolished. Nothing has ever been built on the site.

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