Louis Busse

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address in MP: 

Birth Date:  November 4, 1837

Death Date: December 19, 1903

Date: April 16, 1863
Spouse:  Christine Kirchoff

Children: William, Johanna, Sophia, Edward, George, Louis, August, Christine, Ernst

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

Louis Busse was born in Hanover, a Germanic State, and immigrated with his family to America at the age of eleven. Arriving at the young and impressionable age of 11, he took on the ways of America and ended leaving a lasting mark on the community. Louis was the first of the Busse family to leave the farms and look for other work. He started a creamery and general store and later went on to sell farm implements. While he remained involved in the small community formed around Saint John Lutheran Church, in fact serving as a trustee of the church for quite some time, he also was the first Busse to get involved in the larger political arena. He was a director of Public School District 56 and a Highway Commissioner in Elk Grove for many years. Because of his civic involvement, Busse Road was named for him.

In 1863, at the age of 26 he married the 16 year old Christine Kirchhoff, a member of one of the other prominent German families in the fledgling community. Christine Kirchhoff was the daughter of August Wilhelm Kirchhoff, who was born in Hanover and had immigrated to America with his parents; Johan Heirich Jurgen Christoph Kirchhoff (b. 2/7/1795 d. 4/3/1870) and Christine Marie Pfingsten Kirchhoff (b.2/20/1801 d. 8/14/1880). Christine Kirchhoff’s father purchased a farm in Mount Prospect and was an early member of Saint John Lutheran Church. He was unfortunately “killed by the cars” in Chicago, meaning he was run over by a train. His son William took over the family farm.

One of the greatest marks left by Louis and Christine were in their children, they were the parents of such notable people as County Commissioner William Busse, first Mayor of Mount Prospect and important businessman; George Busse, founder of the Busse Realty and major developer; and Louis Busse, founder of Busse Flowers.

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