Robert Bruce Ferguson

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address in MP: 

Birth Date:  January 31, 1932

Death Date: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Spouse: Arlyle

Children: Rachele and Robert A.

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

Robert Ferguson was an educator in Mount Prospect for almost thirty years. He started in Mount Prospect in 1956 teaching 7th and 8th graders Science and Social Science at Central Standard School. He briefly taught at Lincoln Junior High but returned to Central, where he stayed for the next twelve years. He became Principal of the Central Standard School in the last year that it was open (1969-1970 was the last class, the building was demolished in 1975). Following the closing of Central School, he became Principal of Lions Park School for two years and then transferred to the Busse School, where he was Principal for 12 years, or until it closed. He was then Principal of West Brook for six years, which also closed. Finally he was back at Lions for the last two years of his tenure in Mount Prospect. Robert Ferguson was a school administrator in Mount Prospect in a time when many of the schools were facing a crisis. There was a dramatic reduction in class size, the Baby Boom had brought a massive influx of children to Mount Prospect in a very limited time, but as these children grew up there was a major exodus from the community. Mount Prospect’s schools were faced with rapidly falling enrolment, and many schools were closed, sold or demolished. Ferguson survived many transitions and was recognized for his ability to keep the schools together in a time of great transition. He was the first school administrator in Illinois to receive the Outstanding Administrator’s Award (similar to the Golden Apple but for Administrators). Below is a selection from an oral history that was done with Robert Ferguson.

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