Henry P. Graef

Does MPHS have photographs:  Yes

Address in MP:

Birth Date: November 21, 1919

Death Date: June 15, 2000

Date: May 1, 1947

Spouse:  Viola (Shepard-Hilker) Graef

Children: Lynn, Henry S, Frances, and Edna

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

Henry Graef began his career at 16 as an office boy with the Scully Steel Products Company, later United States Steel Supply Company. At different times he was the Manager of Commercial Research, Manager of Marketing Services, Manager of Materials Control, and Manager of Commercial Planning. He and his father also ran a repair shop for electrical appliances, mainly radios. He enlisted in the Signal Corps in August 1942 and served there until February 1946. Henry Graef was a life long learner and he went on to receive his Bachelor degree from Northwestern University in 1961 at the age of 42 with his wife and children looking on.

Henry Graef is best remembered for his involvement in community organizations.  He was: finance chair, North Star District BSA; president, Mount Prospect Combined Appeal (now the United Fund); president, Lions Park School PTA; president, Coordinating Council District 57 Schools; church school superintendent; chairs of the boards of education and Christian services, and co-chair, president, and secretary of Yomarcos for South Church; president, Mount Prospect Historical Society, director emeritus and trustee Elk Grove Township Schools; treasure of the Prairie Club, for 65 years; co-editor for 10 years of the Hazelhurst highlights; co-chair of the Family Cottage, Hazelhurst Operating Committee, Conservation Committee, and the Nomination Committee, all for the Prairie Club; Director of Mount Prospect Kiwanis; and newsletter editor and director of the Mount Prospect Park District Bridge Club.

Henry Graef was awarded Mount Prospect Shining Star Award in 1996 and the International Kiwanis George F. Hixson Award for service to the community and children of the world in 1999.

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