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Throwback Thursday:

This week instead of us sharing information with you, we were hoping you could share some information with us. Recently the staff and volunteers of the Historical Society have been conducting an inventory of one of our storage facilities. In the early years of the Historical Society’s collection, the methods of marking objects with catalog numbers was not as sophisticated as it is today. The majority of the objects were marked with sticker labels that have lost their adhesiveness over the years and have fallen off leaving us with objects that are not identified with a number. Some of the unnumbered objects that we have come across are objects that we have not been able to identify despite our research. We were hoping that you might be able to help us identify these three objects.

The one on the left has metal posts that move up and down. The object on the right also has a metal post that moves up and down. The object in the second picture has a solid metal shaft that can screw up or down into its fitting. The first and third objects do not have a manufacturer or patent number etched onto them, but the second object reads “MFG. BY American Gage & MFG. Co. Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A. 6960-B.”

As we continue our inventory we may need your help again so stay tuned! Who knows what other interesting objects we might find!

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Throwback Thursday:

Mount Prospect Civil Defense Committee, 1943

World War II affected Mount Prospect, as it did all the small communities in America. At the time of the war, the population of the village was around 2,000 and it was still a largely agricultural community. People banded together to help support the troops overseas and prepare the home front. Groups like the Civilian Defense Committee held dances, flea markets and other fundraisers to raise money to purchase emergency supplies, should they ever be necessary.

Do you remember the Civil Defense Committee in Mount Prospect?

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