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During its 100-year history, Mount Prospect has been the proud home of two high schools. The impetus for a high school actually came from neighboring Arlington Heights around 1913. Proponents felt it would be cheaper to form a new high school district than to pay for an addition to their current school in District 25. Supporters did a survey and a storm of opposition arose. When the matter came to a vote on March 28, 1914, 1,269 men and women voted. At the time, women in Illinois were permitted to vote on matters relating to their children’s education. But their ballots were still kept separate from the men’s so it is known that most men voted against the issue, and the women supported it by enough of a margin to pass. Furious residents challenged the outcome in court, claiming that 17 spoiled ballots should be counted as “no” votes and the measure had therefore failed. The court challenge resulted in an eight-year delay in the start of High School District 214. In the meantime, the citizens of Mount Prospect established Mt. Prospect Township High School in Wille’s Hall to prove they already had a high school. Taught by University of Illinois graduate William H. Kasten, the one-room school consisting of between 12 and 16 9th and 10th graders met there for five years. In 1921 the Illinois Supreme Court finally declared the district legal and bonds were sold in 1922 to build Arlington High School. Mount Prospect's 9th through 12th graders began attending Arlington High School once it opened. In the mid-1950s, suburban sprawl and the Baby Boom combined to make the District outgrow Arlington High School. In 1955, local voters approved a referendum to spend $3.5 million to build Prospect High School. The doors to the modern school opened to freshmen in September, 1957 and one new class was added each year until the new school was filled. Over the past 60 years, Prospect High School has been added on to many times with the most recent addition being an indoor swimming pool. It now boasts an enrollment of more than 2,100. #TBT #thisdayinhistory‬ #mountprospect‬ #mountprospectcentennial‬ #mountprospect100 ... See MoreSee Less

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