Vintage, But Fun, Holiday Greeting Cards

Vintage, but fun, Christmas CardNo one who sees the Mount Prospect Historical Society’s new holiday cards could accuse the organization of taking itself too seriously or being stuffy.

They have recently begun offering cards showing a local photo, taken circa 1925, in front of the William Busse Jr. General Store on Main Street in Mount Prospect. The black and white photo reportedly shows all of the children living in Mount Prospect at that time, along with some of their parents, posing with Santa Claus.

The old car and vintage clothing are fascinating. But the most fascinating part of the photo is the decidedly scary-looking Santa Claus in midst of the crowd. In fact, the Historical Society chose to highlight Santa by colorizing his suit red, making it the only spot of color in the midst of black and white. The card is also bordered in red.

Inside, the greeting plays off of Santa’s somewhat disarming appearance, proclaiming, “He sees you when you’re sleeping . . .” WOW! This is quite a fun and snarky card to send to those on your list who would appreciate the humor.

The cards are sold in packs of 20. The first pack sells for $15 with subsequent packs going for $12 each. Supplies are limited and all proceeds benefit the Mount Prospect Historical Society’s operating fund.

Cards are available at the Dietrich Friedrichs Museum, 101 S. Maple St., Tuesdays through Fridays during office hours. They are also being sold at: Busse Car Wash, 113 E. Prospect Ave., Mount Prospect; Keefer’s Pharmacy, 5 W. Prospect Ave., Mount Prospect; and the UPS Store, 119 N. Emerson St., Mount Prospect You can also purchase them online in our store but there will be a shipping charge.

For more information, phone 847-392-9006.

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