Randhurst Time Capsule, Book Signing

Mount Prospect Historical Society to welcome
Randhurst Village with time capsule, book signing

Montgomery Ward at Randhurst Shopping Mall "Then"

Mount Prospect’s Randhurst, then and now: These images depict Montgomery Ward’s The Fair Store at Randhurst Center shortly before its Grand Opening in 1962 (“Randhurst 014”) and the new Randhurst Village today, as construction winds down (“RHV Oct 2011”) Photos courtesy of Mount Prospect Historical Society and Greg Peerbolte.

The wait is almost over.  Construction is wrapping up at Randhurst Village and the Mount Prospect Historical Society (MPHS) will be on hand to begin welcoming the new generation of Randhurst neighbors on Saturday, October 22nd at Randhurst Village, on the corner of Rand and Elmhurst Roads, Mount Prospect.  In addition to holding a book signing event for a new book on the history of the famous Randhurst Mall, the MPHS will participate in the filling and sealing of a time capsule to preserve memories for posterity.

Many will recall that in August 2009, the MPHS held a “Randhurst Time Capsule Opening” event for the unveiling of a time capsule that had reportedly been placed in the center dome of Randhurst in 1962.  Unfortunately, no time capsule was ever found.

“Much to my chagrin, we were never able to locate the original capsule,” stated Greg Peerbolte, executive director of the Society.  “However, as Randhurst looks to the future, it is all together fitting and proper to ensure that old and new memories alike will be preserved in a new capsule.”

Consequently, submissions (printed materials only) from area communities and individuals are now being sought for inclusion in the capsule.

From 12-4 p.m. the public may visit the Mount Prospect Historical Society’s tent in Carson’s Court to view what has been collected for inclusion in this container before it is left to the Randhurst Village shoppers of the future.  Unique “sand sculptures” will be placed throughout the grounds of the Center, inviting shoppers and well-wishers to stroll the grounds of Randhurst Village for the first time.

Those who visit the tent may use the forms available to write down their Randhurst memory, and there is a chance it will be selected to be put into the capsule.  The MPTV studios will also be on hand to capture the Randhurst memories of area residents, as well as their reactions to the beautiful new Randhurst Village.

The Mount Prospect Historical Society will also allow the public an opportunity to have their memories of the Center included in the capsule through a unique Facebook promotion.  Simply login to Facebook and “like” the Mount Prospect Historical Society’s page.  On the Society’s “wall,” write your brief memory of Randhurst.  Selected posts will be printed on archival, acid-free paper and put into the capsule.

“Facebook has become such a dominant factor in the daily lives of so many people,” notes Society Director Greg Peerbolte.  “I think, from a historical standpoint, this is a great way not only to collect memories of Randhurst, but to present a snapshot of what impacts our day-to-day activities as human beings during our present time.  Who knows what Facebook will be like a century from now, or if it will even be around at all.”

Also during the Grand Opening, Peerbolte, who is the author of the recently-published book “Randhurst: Suburban Chicago’s Grandest Shopping Center,” will be on hand to sell and sign copies of the book and discuss aspects of Randhurst’s history.  The proceeds from the book, which sells for $20, will benefit the Mount Prospect Historical Society’s operating fund.

“Writing this book has been the most rewarding journey of my career,” reflects Peerbolte.  “I couldn’t think of a more appropriate occasion to officially introduce this work to the public.”

For more information about this event, or for information about submitting items to the Randhurst Time Capsule, contact that Mount Prospect Historical Society at 847/392-9006 or by e-mail at info@mtphistory.org.

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