Central Standard School

School District: 57

Grade levels: K-8

Built: 1927

Is it still standing? No

If not, when was it demolished? 1975


The Second Central School or the Central Standard School is one of the best remembered schools in Mount Prospect. It was built in 1927 and at the time was a great leap forward. Mount Prospect went from having one classroom for the entire town to having five. The Central Standard School was originally four rooms. Over the years, it was expanded a number of times. The first addition was built in 1937. There were a number of other additions to the Central Standard School over the years. Eventually, the additions to the school became larger than the original school. With the baby boom in Mount Prospect, there were many other schools built in the 1950s and when the school population started to fall off in the 1970s, the Central Standard School was seen as obsolete. The last year that the Central Standard School was open was the 1969-1970 school year. In the 1970s and 80s Mount Prospect’s schools were faced with rapidly falling enrollment, and many schools were closed, sold or demolished. In 1975 the Central Standard School, with all of its additions, was razed.

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