William Kirchhoff

Does MPHS have photographs:

Address in Mount Prospect: 109 S. Emerson

Birth Date: 1861 in Wheeling Township

Date of Death: 1943 in Mount Prospect

Date: Unknown

Spouse: Maria (b. 1858 d. 1944)

Children: Sophie (b. 1882) Louis (b. 1884) Christine (b. 1885) Marie (b. 1887) William (b. 1891) George (1894) Laura (b. 1897)

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

The Kirchhoff family was a part of the German American community that developed in and around Mount Prospect. Not as much is known about this family as is known about some of the higher profile families, but it is known that William Kirchhoff worked with William Busse and William Wille in the founding of School District 57 and the construction of the Central School, the first public school in Mount Prospect. He had owned a farm in Wheeling Township from about 1880 until 1917 when he built a house in Mount Prospect. William was one of the earliest residents of downtown Mount Prospect. He built his house on Emerson Street the year the village was incorporated. There is a road that runs through Arlington Heights and Rolling Meadows that is named for this family, although the road is spelled with one “H” while William Kirchhoff’s name appears with two on his tombstone.


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