Thank you to water bill donors to the Schoolhouse Campaign

water-billThe Mount Prospect Historical Society (MPHS) has raised $10,565 in donations from 195 residents who responded to a recent request for help to complete the restoration of the 1896 one-room Central School in time for the 2017 Centennial of the village.  The solicitation letter was included in every household’s March 2016 water bill.

“We were delighted with the public’s enthusiastic and generous response to our plea.  Donations ranged from $10 to $1,000,” said Frank Corry, Society president.

“As the deadline for completing the restoration nears, we are looking at all avenues for raising the remaining funds.  Our goal is for the restoration work to be completed in time for the Feb. 3, 2017,  reenactment of the signing of Mount Prospect’s papers of incorporation which is scheduled to be held there – in the same room where it actually took place a century ago,” he explained.

Since the Mount Prospect Historical Society began work to preserve this historic building in 2003, the Society has raised about $400,000, almost entirely from private, local sources.  “Approximately $370,000 of that amount has been expended to date,” Corry stated.

“We have completed the move of the building, interior demolition, repair/replacement of the back wall and roof, structural reinforcement of the floor, construction of an interior utility stairway and installation of the electrical, HVAC, fire alarm and sprinkler systems.  It has been an exciting project and this summer we will begin the final steps involved in restoring this iconic remnant of Mount Prospect’s past,” Corry stated.

Donations are still being gratefully accepted, if anyone who wished to donate has not yet had time to do so.

For more information about the Central School restoration, phone the Mount Prospect Historical Society at 847/392-9006.

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