Skate for History on Presidents

On Presidents’ Day, Feb. 20, local schoolchildren and their parents will have the opportunity to enjoy a roller skating party being held to help preserve Mount Prospect’s 1896 Central School and to support the Mount Prospect Historical Society.  The party will be held from noon to 5 p.m. at the Central Community Center (CCC), 1000 W. Central Rd., Mount Prospect.

For the 13th consecutive year, the Mount Prospect Historical Society, in cooperation with the Mt. Prospect Park District, is hosting the party to support their efforts to preserve Mount Prospect history, explains Kirsten Zinzer, skating party chairperson.

The schoolhouse will be completed in time to host Mount Prospect’s 100th birthday re-enactment ceremony on Feb. 3.  The 15-year project cost $490,000, with the community so far having donated $450,000 toward those expenses.  The Society continues to seek the last $40,000 in renovation expenses, according to Lindsay Rice, executive director.

The restored schoolhouse can be used as a multi-purpose exhibit space, educational facility and community meeting area in the tradition of its previous roles in village history.

Admission for the skating party will be $5 per person.  A limited number of skates will be available for rental from the park district at an additional cost of $5.  But it is suggested that skaters bring in their own skates, which will be subject to inspection by park district personnel to prevent damage to the rink.

Disc jockey services for the afternoon are being provided by Ed Johnson, a member of the Society’s board of directors.

While the skating party is open to students from all schools in the Village, the Society and the park district do request that children in fourth grade and under be accompanied by a parent.

Pop and snacks will only be available through the park district’s vending machines.

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