Saint Paul Lutheran School

School District: NA

Grade levels: K-8

Built: Original building – 1913

Second building – 1928

Third Building – 1989

Is it still standing? The first and the third are.

If not, when was it demolished? First moved in the 1920s, second razed in 1989

Is it still a school? Yes


The founding of Saint Paul Lutheran Church showed an important shift in Mount Prospect. The center of the community shifted from the south side of town, near Saint John Lutheran to the downtown area. Saint Paul offered services in English while Saint John continued to give services in German, and Saint Paul offered a more cosmopolitan view. Similar to Saint John, Saint Paul soon founded a school following the opening of the church. The Saint Paul Lutheran School’s first class of 9 students met in a cottage that stood at 31 S. Main Street. On May 18, 1913 the first school building was dedicated and stood on the corner of Busse and Elm Street. As the town grew, the church and school grew with it. In 1917, the first residential teacher was hired, Martin H. Hasz. He began as the only teacher and remained with the school as it grew for over 50 years, until he retired in 1968. In 1928 a second school was built, this beautiful building was designed by the well known Chicago architecture firm of Zook and McCaughey. The building was demolished in 1989 to make space for an addition to the current building. In keeping with the German tradition, a kindergarten was established in 1935. In 1956 the third school building was erected, which still stands today with significant additions.


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