Rev. Robert J. Loftus

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Address in Mount Prospect: 310 S. I-Oka (St. Raymond’s Rectory)

Birth Date: December 25, 1928

Death Date: April 27, 1996




Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

Born on Christmas Day to an Irish immigrant family in Chicago, Robert Loftus was the third child of a family of six. He attended Saint Mary of the Lake Seminary and then received his Masters Degree from Loyola University in psychology, his PhD in psychology and counseling from the University of Notre Dame and his clinical training at the Mass General Hospital. He was installed as the Pastor of Saint Raymond’s in July of 1979. While he was at Saint Raymond’s he renovated the church in accordance with Vatican Mandates, developed a foundation to aid needy students, and fostered relations with Saint Mark Lutheran Church. He also served on the board of directors for Saint Viator’s High School and had an active clinical counseling practice.


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