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Greg PeerbolteGreg Peerbolte, executive director of the Mount Prospect Historical Society since mid-2008, has accepted the position of executive director of the Joliet Area Historical Museum, a joint effort of the City of Joliet, the Joliet Area Historical Society, Joliet Junior College and the citizens of Joliet since 1999.

He will assume his new duties on June 3.

A graduate of Illinois State University who holds professional continuing education certificates from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, Peerbolte authored the book, “Randhurst: Suburban Chicago’s Grandest Shopping Center” and was responsible for coordinating the Society’s 2011 Colony and Crown Revolutionary War re-enactment weekend held at Lions Park.

He has also become well-known for his series of “Mount Prospect Stories” lectures on interesting people and events from Mount Prospect’s past which have been co-sponsored by the Mount Prospect Public Library.

In addition, Peerbolte spent time on the board of directors of the Mount Prospect Downtown Merchants Association, helping to promote businesses and events in the central business district.

“I believe that the local museum plays an important role in fostering and strengthening a sense of community. The investment we make in our historic institutions is an investment in the community which shows returns in the form of the events, exhibits, programs and knowledge that we make accessible to the public,” Peerbolte stated.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Greg, and we wish him the very best.  He did a lot for the Mount Prospect Historical Society in the five years he was here, and we’re thankful for it,” said Frank Corry, newly-elected MPHS president who replaces Arlene Juracek in that capacity since she was sworn in as Mayor of Mount Prospect on May 7. He is deputy director of business operations for the Mount Prospect Public Library.

“We’re delighted that Greg was able to leverage his experience in Mount Prospect into a terrific new career opportunity elsewhere, just as we were when Greg’s predecessor, Gavin Kleespies, moved on to become the executive director of the Cambridge Historical Society in Massachusetts,” Corry continued.

“The transition will create some challenges for us, no doubt,” he allowed, “but it also provides an opportunity to assess where we are, where we’re going, and identify the skills and leadership styles in Greg’s successor needed to get us there.  And, of course, the Society’s opportunities for networking with other historical organizations, always a valuable thing, continue to grow.”

“We also want to thank our outgoing Board president, Arlene Juracek, the new Mayor of the Village of Mount Prospect, for her very capable and effective leadership over the last two years,” Corry said. “Kicking off a new fundraising campaign to support the final phase of the Central School project, Arlene re-energized our efforts and helped secure a number of very generous pledged donations that will speed us toward the completion of this amazing project.  We appreciate all of her fine work on behalf of the Historical Society, and we look forward to working with her in her new role as Mayor.”

“It’s more change at once than anybody would want to order up, but they are good changes for good people,” he added.  “The Society is in a good spot right now.  We have a lot of momentum, and we’ll be working very hard to keep it going and to build on Greg’s and Arlene’s fine work.”

Corry, who formerly served as MPHS treasurer, has been replaced in that capacity by fellow Board member, Chad Busse of Busse Automotive/Car Wash.


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