Mount Prospect Creamery

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address: 302 E. Northwest Highway

Is building standing: No, demolished in 1986

What is at site: ?

When was business founded: 1910

Is business still operating: No.

Who owned business: Edward Busse

Interesting stories, facts, history:

Founded in 1910 by Edward Busse, the Mount Prospect Creamery quickly became a major distributor of milk, cheese and butter. This was not the first creamery in Mount Prospect. William Wille had run a much smaller creamery at the end of the nineteenth century, but he closed it in 1902. In the years after Wille closed his creamery, Mount Prospect became one of the largest producers of dairy products in northern Illinois. The farmers with dairy cows had to ship their milk into the city on the Chicago Northwestern trains each day and pay a charge on each can they shipped in. When a creamery opened in Mount Prospect it was cheaper to sell it locally. The Mount Prospect Creamery grew quickly and was soon shipping bottled milk, butter and cheese all around the Chicago area. They employed thirteen drivers who delivered the bottled milk around the northwestern communities and into Chicago, advertised as “Milk Bottled in the Country.”


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