Moeling House

Name of Building or Business:  Moehling Home

Address: 8 E. Northwest Highway

Built: Circa 1890

Demolished: 1966

What is currently at that address: Condos

John C. Moehling moved to Mount Prospect in 1882 and built a beautiful Victorian house across the street from the Railroad station a few years later. Moehling was on of Mount Prospect’s biggest promoters; he ran the first store in Mount Prospect and was responsible for the opening of the first post office. He was also responsible for bringing John Meyn, the first blacksmith, to town and working to transform Mount Prospect from a wide spot in the road into a small town. John C. Moehling’s house represented his importance to the community. The house stood at 8 E. Northwest Highway and was built around 1890. Over the years, the house did not fair well. Northwest Highway was expanded and this made the house very close to the street and John Moehling’s success at bringing business to the community left his house in the middle of a commercial area. With these changes, the house deteriorated. Due to a number of short sighted decisions, storefronts were built in front of the building for such things such as the Prospect House Restaurant and Francek Reality, which was operated by John C. Moehling’s descendants. The house declined and what was once the finest house in town, home to the community’s biggest promoter and an actual Victorian house, became seen as an eyesore and was demolished in 1966.

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