Martin Hasz

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address in Mount Prospect: Unknown

Birth Date: Unknown

Death Date: Unknown

April 4, 1920

Spouse: Rose (Holste) Hasz

Children: Howard, Norma, Martin, David, Lois

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

In the early twentieth century Mount Prospect was developing quickly. At the time the town was only made up of what today is considered downtown and the population was still almost exclusively German Lutherans. The only church in the area was Saint John Lutheran Church a couple of miles south of the center of town. In 1912 the residents of Mount Prospect began to feel that they needed a church closer to home so they organized Saint Paul Lutheran Church. In 1913 Rev. J.E.A. Mueller came and became the first Pastor. Also in 1913 Saint Paul School was founded and Mueller also became the first teacher. This was a lot to ask of one person, so on September 2, 1917 Martin Hasz was hired as the first full time teacher for Saint Paul School. The choice to hire him turned out to be quite wise as he certainly showed his dedication. He remained at the school, as a teacher and later principal until 1968, or for 51 years.


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