Louis Meier

Does MPHS have photographs:

Address in Mount Prospect: 705 S. Busse Road

Birth Date: 1892

Death Date: Unknown

Date: June 22, 1916

Spouse: Anna (Rohlwing) Meier (b. 1899)

Children: George and Leslie

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

The Meier family were early settlers in Mount Prospect. They, like most of their neighbors, were German Lutherans and Louis Meier was a member of this community. He went to Saint John Lutheran School and was a life long member of the church. He grew up in a community that was still mostly made up of farmers and was somewhat isolated. In such a small community, it was often difficult to find suitable mates. Louis Meier met his wife at his older brother’s wedding and ended up marring the sister of the bride.


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