Kruse’s Tavern

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address: 100 E. Prospect Ave

Is building standing: Yes

When was it built: 1902

What is at site: Mrs. P and Me Restaurant

When was business founded: 1923/1933

Is business still operating: No

If no, when did it close: Sold in 1977

Who owned business: William, Sophie and Henry Kruse

Interesting stories, facts, history:

Kruse’s tavern was an institution in Mount Prospect for over 50 years. The building housed the first restaurant in town, Behren’s Saloon, which was built in 1902. During Prohibition it became an ice cream parlor and lunch counter. Behren was not as excited about running an ice cream store and he sold it to William and Sophie Kruse in 1923. They ran a small sandwich shop and also sold homemade ice cream and candies. With the repeal of prohibition in 1933 William and Sophie’s son, Henry Kruse renovated it and turned it into a tavern. The family ran it trough most of the development of Mount Prospect until it was eventually sold in 1977 to Denis and Lynn Miller. The Miller’s did some renovations but left most of the tavern intact and opened it as Mrs. P and Me’s, which is still open today.


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