Keefer’s Pharmacy

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address: 5 N. Prospect Ave

Is building standing: Yes

What is at site: Keefer’s Pharmacy

When was business founded: 1949

Is business still operating: Yes but has different owners

Who owned business: Jack Keefer

Interesting stories, facts, history:

Jack Keefer was a World War II veteran, having served for four years on the crew of a PT Boat. After the war he and his wife moved to Highland Park and he worked in a pharmacy in Glencoe. After working for a few years, in 1949, he purchased a pharmacy in Mount Prospect from a man named Steve Brant, who had purchased the pharmacy from George Engblom. He soon became a fixture in the community. He was involved with many local organizations including the Mount Prospect Historical Society. In an interview in 1991, he remembered when he first started, being thrilled when he filled 15 prescriptions in one day. However he was here for the great boom in suburban development in the1950s and before he retired his record for prescriptions in one day had passed 285.


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