July 4th Corn Booth

Come to Lions Fest at Melas Park on the 4th of July and eat some delicious corn on the cob and help support the Historical Society

Corn on the CobThe booth is open from 1 p.m. until 11 p.m. Enjoy the carnival, listen to the great music, imbibe in refreshments and eat great food from local vendors. BUT SAVE LOTS OF ROOM FOR CORN ON THE COB. The booth will be manned by Historical Society Board members and friends of the Society. We will be working hard to give you the best corn available. So stop on by and have some corn.
Also don’t forget about the Revolutionary War Reenactors who will be previewing the Historical Society-sponsored Reenactment next year. The demonstration begins right after the parade.  They will be creating lots of noise!

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