Jack Gunnell’s Restaurant

Does MPHS have photographs: No

Address: Corner of 83 and Rand

Is building standing: No

What is at site: Osco Pharmacy

When was business founded: Unknown

Is business still operating: No. Closed circa 1969

Who owned business: Jack Gunnell

Interesting stories, facts, history:

Gunnell’s Restaurant is an interesting business mostly because of what is not known about it. Many people who lived in Mount Prospect remember it and have given a few descriptions. According to some people’s recollections, it may have been there as far back as the early 1930s. This would be quite amazing, since it would have been in the middle of farms fields, in unincorporated Cook County, without a neighbor for a couple of miles. Supposedly, the building was a two story frame building with two large bay windows on the front and was quite attractive. Reportedly there was a bowling alley, as well as a restaurant in the building and gas pumps out side. We know where it was and we have heard a number of descriptions of it, but so far, not a single photograph or piece of memorabilia has turned up. The only proof that we have that it existed is a newspaper clipping about the demolition of the building in 1969. Considering how many people have remembered this business, how close it was to Randhurst in it’s heyday, and how long it was reportedly there, it is amazing that no one has a photograph of it or can tell us anything more about the history of the business.


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