Henry G. Meyer

Does MPHS have photographs: No

Address in Mount Prospect: 11 S. State Road, Arlington Heights

Birth Date: Unknown

Death Date: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Frank, Henry C.W., George Albert (possibly others)

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments:

Henry Meyer was involved in a number of different activities in the Mount Prospect area. In 1883 Christian Geils (the first owner of the Mount Prospect general store), J.A. Kennicott, and Henry Meyer purchased property with the purpose of producing a pond. They built a dam and flooded an area that became Arlington Heights Pond or Meyer’s Pond. The point of the pond was to produce ice in the winter, so that they could from an ice-delivery service, which was quite profitable in years before refrigeration. Meyer later bought out his partners and built a grand house on the property.

Henry Meyer had construction experience as he had built Saint John Evangelical Reformed Church (Saint John United Church of Christ), worked with John Boeger to build Saint Peter Lutheran Church, and was in business with his sons building houses. He also ran a beer distributor business that covered all the space from Des Plaines to Barrington.


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