Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

When was it founded: 1960

Where is it located 1624 East Euclid Avenue

Has it moved: No

Notable Members: Gloria Rees Hansen, Dolores Haugh

First Pastor or Priest: Albert Weidlich

History and interesting stories about the church:

In early 1959, Albert Weidlich came to Mount Prospect as a mission developer intending to capture the interest of the local community. Finding their curiosities piqued, interested individuals assembled to attend the first worship service of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church on June 21, 1959. However, it was not until six months later on January 29, 1960 that the church was legally recognized. In its early years, Grace Lutheran experienced much growth, its congregation exponentially increasing with new members. It continued to develop at such a frantic pace that from 1966 to 1967, a second building was added to comfortably accommodate the church and its parishioners. Five years later in 1972, it appeared to be the end of an era as Grace Lutheran witnessed the departure of Pastor Weidlich and the arrival of Reverend Kenneth Granquist. Under the guidance of the new religious leader, there seemed to be a rebirth in the church’s focus. Rather than concentrating on the internal, the church itself, Grace Lutheran shifted its attention to the external, the outlying community. Through the creation of community need-based programs addressing alcoholism, drug abuse, and social groups, the church succeeded and is still succeeding in reaching out to their neighbors.

The congregation’s loyalty and faith to Grace Lutheran can be witnessed at every worship service. However, parishioner Gloria Rees Hansen had furthered this devotion by creating a cross inspired by Bible verses: John 1:14, Matthew 26:14-16. Residing prominently on a wall behind the alter, the cross is studded with 63 pieces of brazed bronze: 33 symbolizing a year in Jesus’s life, 30 symbolizing the silver pieces paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus. The cross still serves as a vivid reminder to the parishioners of their commitment to both God and church.

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