Goldblatts Department Store

Does MPHS have photographs: yes

Address: Mount Prospect Plaza

Is building standing: No

What is at site: Mount Prospect Plaza

When was business founded: Company was founded in 1914

If no, when did it close: 1977

Who owned business: Maurice and Nathan Goldblatt

Interesting stories, facts, history:

Glodblatts was an important early department store in the Chicago area. Through large scale purchases, they were able to negotiate lower prices and increase the number of customers who came into their stores. They were even able to increase their customer base during the depression. They opened one of the first department stores in Mount Prospect, at the Prospect Plaza, the first strip mall in Mount Prospect. By the early 1970s Goldblatt’s had over 40 store in the Chicago area. In 1977, the Goldbatts store in Mount Prospect burned, and was never reopened. Increased competition from other national discount retailers was hurting the company and by 1981 they declared bankruptcy. In 1998 the last of their stores closed in Chicago.


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