Donors for the Schoolhouse Campaign

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our ongoing Schoolhouse Capital Campaign.
John and Janet Adams
Robert and Nancy Ady
Phillippos and Helen Alexandrou
Robert and Linda Allgaier
Americana Hunters Questers #373
Richard and Janice Amodeo
Arc Disposal & Recycling Co., Inc.
Atlas Material TesHng SoluHons
B & E AccounHng
Mark and Anne Bagan
John and Gail Bajkowski
John and Linda Bare
Pamela Baumhart
Russ and Virginia Bechtold
John and Gail Becker
Beneficial Bodywork
Robert and Lynne BenneR
John M. and Jean Benson
Ralph and Joyce Bertermann
Patricia J. Bertucci
LieseloRe BeRerman
Steven and Joanne Bina
Claude Bjork
Bogie’s Ale House, Inc.
Andy and Andrea Bonefas
Rockne and Cindy Bork
Vivian BornhoeV
Dorothy BoR
John E. and Monica Bowman
Neal and Jan Bradley
Bristol Court Banquets
Eva Burger
Leo and Barbara Burns
Katherine Burton
Carl L. Busse
Edward and Ruth Busse
Gordon W. and Nancy Busse
Harold and Carol Busse
Ruth Busse
Tom W. Busse
Mildred Cady
Kevin and Debbi Campbell
Susan Churchill
Jerry and Nancy Clauser
Terrence and Esther Cobry
Colonial Dental Associates, Ltd.
Costco Wholesale
Crystal Palace Banquets
Culver’s of Mount Prospect
Helen Cunningham
Bill B. and Kathy Dahle
Pamela Dammen
David and Elizabeth DiPrima
Lawrence Doherty
Patrick and Mary Dolan
Bill and Pam DouceRe
Donald and Marie Dreessen
Jane Lewis and Frank Duehay
John and Beth Dukes
Lewis and Constance Dumas
Mary Frances Duncan
John and Delight Eilering
Elk Grove Historical Society
Joyce Fedor
Robert and Arlyle Ferguson
Gregory and Keri Fieser
Michael and Pam Figolah
Dawn Fletcher-Collins
Steven Florence
Stephen and Marjorie Fluder
Heather Francek
Dianna Franzen
Marlene Friedrichs
Marie Fuller
Thomas and Elizabeth Gallanis
Garden Club of Mount Prospect
Raymond Giese
Peter and Janet Gilbertson
Bruce and Marta Gillilan
Girl Scout Troop #2099
Andrew and Mary Goodrich
Viola E. Graef
Maryls Haaland
Haas & Haas
Barbara Hall
Dorothy Hansbrough
Richard T. Hansen
Harold O. Wyckoff Jr., D.D.S.
Hart Pool & Spa
Harold and Janice Hasselman
Dolores Haugh
Richard and Gayle Hayek
Hazard, Keefe & Leane Engineering
Hearth & Home, Inc.
Edith Heisler
Iara L.C. Himes
Terry and Carol Hlavac
Hugh and Ritamarie Hoffman
James and Anne Hoffmann
Hometown Mount Prospect
Douglas and Laura Hough
Thomas and Rita Howley
Ron and Terry Hulka
John and Theresa Hupp
Tamotsu and Johanna Imai
InternaHonal Freight Services
Ed and Lynn Istwan
Marissa Jepsen-Casey
Ross and Donna Johnson
Russell Johnson
Jim and Nancy Jones
David and Amelia Kamper Sr.
Kenneth Kapps
Chris and Marnie Kapuscinski
Keefer’s Pharmacy
David Kent
Sue Kent
Joseph Kerr
Judy Kiefer
Chicago Assembly of God
Gavin Kleespies
Virginia Koder
$100-$499 continued
Kevin and Cynthia Koerner
Barry and Kathy Konigsford
Michael Korcek
Kostak Associates, P.C.
Robert and ChrisHne Krebs
Robert and Ruth Kruckmeyer
Adeline Kruse
Gary and Diane Kumpf
Rajesh Kunnumali
Gregory and Barbara Kurr
Sue Lambert
Mark Watychowicz Law Office
Joseph and Lori Leane
Patrick and Julie LeBeau
Carolyn Leone
Deborah Lewis
Lincoln Junior High School
Lions Park Elementary School,
2007 Fun Fair
Laura Luteri
Steven and Susan Mackey
Thomas Many
Leonard Marianowski
ChrisHne Masini
Matz Funeral Home, Inc.
MB Financial Bank
George and Nancy McCaughrean
Brian and Amy McPartlin
Lorraine Messenger
Charles and Janine Meyer
Charles Mickelson
Mobile Print, Inc.
Ronald and Cynthia Monroe
Pat and Katy Moran
Mount Prospect Fire Fighters Local
Mount Prospect Public Library
Mount Prospect State Bank
Mt. Prospect Child Care Center
Mt. Prospect Park District
Melvin and Pat Mueller
Elizabeth Muellers
Thomas and Janet Munz
David and Kathleen Murray
David and Laurie Myers
David and Martha Nelson
Nicholas & Associates, Inc.
NorthWest Electrical Supply
Norwood Builders
Yolanda M. Oakson
Janis B. O’Keefe
Florence Organ
John Ostrem
Bruno and Sally Ozga
Parkway Bank & Trust Co., Inc.
Paul Swanson Associates
Arthur and Phyllis Perivolidis
Thomas Peters
Vivian M. Pfohl
Carolyn Powley
Prairie Belles Questers #453
Mike and Judy Pretschold
Prospect Electric Company
Prospect High School
Prospect Moose Lodge 660
John and Cathy Provenza
Michael and Arlene Putz
Corinne Ramming
Denise Ramm-Lenz
Jerry Ramoska
James and Patricia Ramsey
Denise Rano
Raymond and Magdalen Rauba
John and Nancy Reese
Tom Remec
Theodossios and Sandra
John and Deb RiRle
River Trails Park District
Dennis and Corrie Roesslein
Richard and ChrisHna Rogers
Rolling Meadows Historical Society
Roscor CorporaHon
Richard and Nancy Ruffolo
Russel Skyles, D.D.S
Arved and Marja-Leena Sagi
Craig and Rosemary Sanders
BernadeRe Schoessling
Judith Schreiber
Burton J. Schultz
Walter and Kathie Schultz
Mike and Joan Schwarzbeck
Sandra Schwarzbeck
Debbie Watson and Bill Schwerin
Anthony and Jody Segalla
William and Barbara Seibert
John and Carol Semerau
David and Joan V. Shaffer
Charles and Marilyn Sherfey
Paula Shikany
William and Dolores Shillington
Robert and Susan Shipman
John and Mary Ann Sibrava
Joe and Mary Simon
Roberta Skelton
Donald and Florence Smith
William and Lisa Snead
Gary and Nancy Snell
Socrates Rand #542
Len and Vivien Sparacino
Frances Spiegel
St. Raymond’s School
Ron and Jane Stavoe
Submarine Express
Sunday Night A.A. Group
Raymond and Kathleen Swedo
Richard and Barbara Szparkowski
Alice L. Teichert
Thompson Elevator InspecHon
Service Inc.
Thomas Thourson
John and Marie Traficanto
Doris Trcka
Doug and Chris Trezise
Tom and Alice Tucker
Larry and Jill Tumberger
Lloyd Unger
Van Driels Medical SpecialHes
Marjorie Van Dyke
Doris E. Van Meter
Rajesh and Ruchi Verma
Delores Wadle
Rita Waters
Neil and Mary Wells
Walter and Marilyn Wenzel
Wheeling Historical Society
Wheeling High School Bombers
Greg and Tiffany Whisler
Budd and Helen Wilder
Alan and Irvana Wilks
Joyce Wille
Mary A. Wille
Merlin Wille
Robert and Nancy Winkates
Jane Winters
Norma Jean Withey
Margaret Wood
Paul Wood
Michael and Carolyn Zadel
James and Mary Ann Zalinski
Erran and Kirsten Zinzer
James and Sharon Anderson
George R. and Esther Busse
Trent and Kara Coleman
Timothy and Joanne Corcoran
Charles and Mary Dianis
James and Barbara Dohnal
Fairview Elementary School
Gerald and Janice Farley
George Flaherty
Leo and Lil Floros
Forest View Elementary School
Rosemary Grier
Illinois State Questers
Indian Grove School
Phillip and Penelope Kleespies
John and Linda Korn
Diane Lembesis
Lions Park School
Lida Miller
Mount Prospect Woman’s Club
Pamela Nelson
Picket Fence Realty –
Mount Prospect
Daniel and Elizabeth Reimann
Juergen Roennau

Jennifer Slate
Emilia Sobczak
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. Paul Lutheran School
Earl and Margaret Sutter
Jean L. Walsh
Linda Waycie
Philip F. and Mary M. Wille
Arlington Park Racecourse
ScoR and Carol-Lynn Bernholdt
Frederick and Luella Biermann
Thomas and Jeannine Biermann
Yngve and Carole Bloomquist
Linda Both
Eugene and Joan Brandt
Rachel Toeppen
Chad G. Busse
Mark and Sue Busse
Terese Conway
Cummins-Allison Corp.
Gregg and Betsy Duncan
Dunton Questers #255
Mark Eggleston Sr.
Mark Pope and Jill Friedrichs
Friedrichs Funeral Home Inc.
Friends of the Mount Prospect
Public Library
Priscilla Garvin
Timothy and Betsy Gaynor
Samuel and Anabel Hess
Joan Holtorf
Edward and Arlene Juracek
Kiwanis Club of Mount Prospect
Donald Klein
Gertrude Lamac
Judith G. Lamac
Landmarks Illinois
Dean and Hilda Lee
Paula Matzek
Susan Meyer
Mount Prospect Junior
Women’s Club
Robert and Marcella Paddock Jr.
Barbara C. Persenaire
Peter W. and LaVerne Petersen
Robert Bosch Tool Corp.
Robert and Laurie Roubitchek
Terrance and Michele Runde
Sew-Bee-It QuilHng Circle
Sunrise Rotary of Mount Prospect
Milan and Joy Toman
Nolan Hahn, Treasures from the
Sea by Grammy and Me
Wal-Mart FoundaHon
Terrence and Mary Winkler


Frank and Nancy Corry
Paul and Linda Hoefert
Lions Park Elementary School,
2nd Grade

Zoe Mather
The Wedgewood Terrace Improvement Assn.
William and June Wittmeyer


Jack H. and Betty Bornhoeft
Marilyn Genther


Mount Prospect Lions Club
Harold E. Weary

$20,000 and up

Edward and Jean Murphy
Village of Mount Prospect

In-kind Contributions

Affordable Signs and Graphics
Chicago Town Construction, Inc.
Donna Koda
Ex/Tech Excavating of Arlington Heights
Frank W. Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy
Norwood Builders
Peterson Roofing, Inc.
Village of Mount Prospect
Wilkin Insulation Co.
WOW! Internet Cable Phone



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