Crowfoot Manufacturing

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address: Northwest Highway and Elm

Is building standing: No.

What is at site: Townhouses

When was business founded: 1905

Who owned business: J. B. Crowfoot

Interesting stories, facts, history:

The Crowfoot Company was probably the largest industrial concern in Mount Prospect in the 1920s. The factory produced “modern and up-to-date” staplers, and tackers for a number of uses, including assembling screens and attaching labels to shipping crates. Originally started in 1905 in the Crowfoot family home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it moved to Chicago to take advantage of the larger market and the easy access to transportation. The firm moved to Arlington Heights in the early 1920s but was lured to Mount Prospect by William Busse a few years later. When the Crowfoot Company moved to Mount Prospect, they brought a workforce that greatly increased the population of the community and improved home sales in Busse’s Eastern Addition. The factory was located in a large building on the corner of Evergreen and Maple, near the water tower.



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