Colony & Crown Reenactment Recap

Colony and Crown Reenactment Enjoys Successful Saturday, Looks Forward to Next Year

Cooking and keeping warmApproximately 400 people braved overcast skies and chilly temperatures Saturday to experience the first annual Colony and Crown Revolutionary War Reenactment at Lions Park in Mount Prospect, sponsored by the Mount Prospect Historical Society, the Mt. Prospect Park District and the North West Territory Alliance.

Full-fledged battles featuring black powder muskets, uniformed soldiers and colonists and even a cannon drew crowds and stopped traffic on neighborhood roadways around the park and convinced busy 21st century Americans to stop what they were doing and step back in time for a day to watch tomahawk-throwing competitions, cooking over open fires alongside canvas tents, spinning wool and much more. There were also opportunities to purchase hand-made goods like those that would have been offered by merchants during the 18th century.

The blast of the Bluecoat's cannonRe-enactors from as far away as Ohio gathered at the park to share a taste of American history with both history buffs and with those who never enjoyed history until they saw it come alive on the History Channel or at re-enactments like this one.

“Plans are already underway for next year’s event. So watch for details once a hopefully drier and warmer weekend can be agreed upon since the rain, wind and cold forced cancellation of Sunday’s events,” said Greg Peerbolte, executive director of the Historical Society.

The Red Coats die in battleDespite Sunday’s early adjournment, the promised raffles were held and prizes are in the process of being distributed. The two AMC Theatres annual passes (worth $1,040 each) went to Jim A. and Paul B. of the Mount Prospect. The handmade quilt went to Marlene B. of Mount Prospect, while gift baskets were won by: Luke T., Pam N. and Barb P. of Mount Prospect, Mark W. of Warrenville, Marilyn Z. of Chicago, Liz W. of Wheaton and Lauri C. of Cudahy, WI.


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