Clarence (C. O.) Schlaver

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes

Address in Mount Prospect: 400 S. I-Oka

Birth Date: 1905

Death Date: February 12, 1980


Spouse: Elizabeth (Betty)

Children: David, Marcia, Paul

Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments

C. O. Schlaver grew up on a farm in Sparta Wisconsin. From this “hands on” experience, he learned to hate farms. He moved off the farm, went to the University Of Wisconsin School Of Journalism and headed off to become a reporter. He moved to Mount Prospect in was much better known as a journalist, activist and politician. Clarence Schlaver was involved in local politics for thirty years in a number of different roles. He was a village Trustee for seven years beginning in 1954 and ending when he was elected Mayor in 1961. He founded the Good Neighbor Party in local politics, a group dedicated to the extension of services in the community. Through his leadership and the actions of the party, many of the municipal and educational services we have come to rely on were started.

C.O. Schlaver worked in the newspaper business in one form or another for many years. He was for a time a reporter and editor for the Star-Courier and later on the editorial staff of the Chicago Daily News. He printed his own small newspaper on Mount Prospect for a number of years, as well as helping a number of local students put together their own papers. He was the first full time editor of “The Quill” the monthly publication of Sigma Delta Chi, the national professional journalism society.

Schlaver was also involved with a number of other organizations. In 1972 he became the Executive Director of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce a position he held until 1979, shortly before his death. He was a founding member of the Mount Prospect Historical Society, and involved with the Lions Club both at a local and state wide level.

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