Wal-Mart Foundation Makes Donation

Wal-Mart Foundation makes donation to Central School Fund

It is safe to say that most Mount Prospect residents were thrilled to see the renovated Wal-Mart store open in Mount Prospect Plaza in early August.  For months they had watched the construction and been curious to see the final product.

But the Mount Prospect Historical Society and other local charities have special reason to be thrilled by the recent opening.

In conjunction with the grand opening, the Wal-Mart Foundation made a $2,000 donation to the Society’s Central School fund to speed along the restoration and opening of the 1896 one-room schoolhouse to the community.

Checks were presented to several other local entities as well, including the police department, fire department, human services department and the Mount Prospect Lions Club Charities. Wal-Mart donated a total of over $37,000 to these and other organizations that are active in Mount Prospect.

“We are extremely grateful that Wal-Mart has chosen to re-introduce itself to the community in this manner,” stated MPHS Executive Director Greg Peerbolte. “Their commitment to our organization and the community of Mount Prospect is appreciated.”

The Mount Prospect Historical Society is currently engaged in Phase II of its effort to preserve and restore the Central School.  The historic structure was moved from its endangered location in May 2008.  Since then the structure has been placed on a foundation on the museum campus at 101 S. Maple Street, Mount Prospect.  Underground piping work has been completed.  The sidewalks, steps and outdoor ramps have been installed.  The structure has a new roof, courtesy of Peterson Roofing, and the surrounding area has been recently sodded.

Interior demolition of walls and other non-historic features added in the 1950s is due to begin soon, Peerbolte said.

“There is still a lot of work to be done before we can achieve our dream of opening this structure to local school children and the public,” he explained.  “That is why gifts like the one from Wal-Mart are so necessary.”

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